Yay, We Won!!

Yay, We Won!!
Now Where's My Carrot??

Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Our Brethren Carriage Horses Down in Charleston

I happily stumbled upon a delightful article this morning, written by a Dr. Edward M. Gilbreth of Charleston, South Carolina.

In the piece published by The Post and Courier, Dr. Gilbreth lays out a cogent, comprehensive, and fact-filled argument in favor of protecting Charleston's carriage industry from the humaniacs at PETA. Dr. Gilbreth's flair for writing is a bonus; the article is both entertaining and colorful, giving us glimpses of the history and character of Charleston itself.

Because I am unsure of the copyright situation, I will not reprint the article here on my blog, but you can read it here.

But I will take the liberty of posting, what is to my mind, the most delicious line:

"It's the skewed ideology negatively impacting humanity while providing no net benefit to animals that I protest."

This is the crux of all that is wrong with the humaniac 'movement'; it needs to be understood and repeated often.

I'd like to thank Dr. Gilbreth for making my day.

Long live the Charleston carriage industry!