Yay, We Won!!

Yay, We Won!!
Now Where's My Carrot??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victory for NYC Horse Carriages!

So very sorry to have left my faithful readers without an update for so long; it has been over a week since our VICTORIOUS hearing at City Hall!

I have been busy catching up with the rest of my life (which was sorely neglected during the run-up to the hearing), and also preparing for the next phase of the fight - getting our bill actually voted on and passed.

Quick summation of the hearing: We TROUNCED the humaniacs LOL

I actually feel a little silly being so prideful, because it really was no contest - more or less like an elephant squashing a dung beetle ;-)

The carriage industry had authoritative speakers (veterinarians, equestrians, reps from NYC Tourism Board, the Teamsters, the Dept of Health and the Dept of Consumer Affairs), and informed and supportive elected officials (CMs Jim Gennaro, Oliver Koppell, Leroy Comrie.)

Most importantly, the many members from our ranks who also spoke did so with intelligence & clarity, provided provable facts, and easily communicated their dedication and experience to the Council Committee. I was (am!) so proud :-D

We may be one big dysfunctional family lol, but we are a mighty force to be reckoned with when push comes to shove. Every owner or driver had something different to offer - from the history of our business to descriptions of multi-generation carriage families; from the excellent countering of malicious lies with rock-solid facts to the personal stories of hardship that this witch hunt has had on our families. All was spoken with dignity and courage. We were a sight to behold.

I want to thank ALL our well-wishers out there for your support, prayers, and general kindness. Thank YOU!!

To our detractors I would like to say - the next post is for you. ::evil grin::


Slave Driver said...

It is always a great day when reason and truth win over misplaced emotion and rhetoric. As for the humaniacs, they could be proactive towards horses by channeling their fervor and charitable donations where they could be better utilized: to horses that are starving because their owners can no longer afford to feed them. Trying to crush the carriage industry will only swell the ranks of the disenfranchised equines that can no longer be cared for because their owners have to choose between hay or a mortgage payment.

Anonymous said...

asshole, you stupid people only spoke about your immigration status. fuck off and stick you bottle up your ass

MichaleenFlynn said...

I published the above comment so you all could see the types of people we deal with.

No response, it speaks for itself.

XP said...

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